Finding the best deals on flights can be daunting, but fear not as there are lots of resources to help you save money and time.

➢ I always start with a Google Flights search.

Cross-check with at least 1-2 other sites. Try these other favorites to be sure you get the best price.


Cheap Tickets


Key tips:
Book early: Book International Flights 7-10 months out & Domestic Flights 1-3 months out.
Price alerts: Try Google flights “track prices” toggle, they will email you as prices change. So, when your flight falls to $309, SFO➾CDG (Paris), you will be sure it’s an amazing deal.
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➢ Airlines you fly for their latest sales: For domestic I love Alaska- Maui R/t for $200. For International, WOW Air-Reykjavik R/t for $250. I’m a sucker for a sale.
➢ Website services Scott’s Cheap Flights who will email you cheap international flight deals and mistake fares. A valuable tool to chase down an amazing deal.


I always start by checking the dimensions and weight limits of each flight. Airlines and flight routes have different parameters, check each leg of your flight if separate flights are book for one trip. Note: European suitcase sizing is different than US standard sizing, this is most relevant for carry on luggage. Sometimes they weigh each bag, and sometimes they don’t, but always assume they will.

Helpful Products:

Using light weight packing bags, like these made by Eagle Creek, are a very handy way of organizing and keeping garments clean, safe and somewhat wrinkle free. They make different sizes and also a toiletry bag. Also, they double as a pillow for those long flights in coach.

Eagle Creel Packing Bags

These reusable GoToob Tubes by Human Gear are better for the environment, allow you to take your favorite products with you and avoid spills.


Having the right power connector: Perhaps the most important thing after your passport and ATM card. Apple Makes this World Travel Adapter Kit that should keep you covered.

Adapter Kit