Stockholm’s Djurgården By Bike: A Day Tour

Set out for Stockholm’s Island of Djurgården with this biking itinerary including lunch stops and notable highlights. This garden island is part of the Stockholm archipelago and is one of the nicest areas to bike in the city.

City Hall

Start early at Stockholm’s City Hall, Stadhus. Take a look around the gardens & consider climbing the tower for a more expansive view of the city.
Then ride east toward the Royal Swedish Opera House, along Tegelbacken.
➾ Note old town, Gamla Stan to your right and the grand Royal Palace.

Continue along Strömgatan & pass the Grand Hotel onto Stallgatan and coming to the next harbor.
Follow the bike path on Standvägen, along the docked boats and ride across the first bridge on the right.

You have arrived to the island of Djurgården, one of the best parks in the world for city biking. Djurgården is home to the famed ABBA Museum, Vasa Museet, Skansen open air-museum, Nordic Museum, Manor-museums, quaint cafes and tranquil paths that transverse this garden island. Eventually, you are bound to find grandma’s house, but you’ll probably just be served tea and cinnamon buns without the red cloak & wolf saga.

Start by turning right at the blue gate, Blå porten. In the 18th century this blue gate marked the entrance to the King’s hunting grounds.

Now, you are free to wander the gardened paths. Follow the water and admire the many statues as you come to a few lovely options for lunch.
➸ Wärdshuset Ulla Winbladh has outdoor seating and serves Swedish cuisine, notable fresh fish. A reservation may be needed during peak times and is also popular for dinner.
➸ Villa Godthem, has outdoor seating with river views, serving classic Swedish gourmet. They will have your pickled herring, plus other tasty options.
➸ Girl Helin Cafe is a popular place to Fika, to take coffee and delicious cakes. They also serve light meals for lunch with a park view.

Continuing on to ♜ Rosendals Slott, a summer palace of King Karl XIV Johan. Tour the garden on your own or buy tickets for a look inside this well preserved hideaway fit for a king.
Next, pick your own route by following the waterway or plow through one the many paths that lead to the eastern most tip, marked by the lovely cafe Blockhusporten. Take a look around at the passing ships and across the water to the distant fountain sculpture by Karl Milles “God our Father on the Rainbow, in honor of the creation of the UN.

Then come to one of the finest Swedish art museums, Thielska Galleriet, featuring 20th century Swedish and French art. Noteworthy are works by Anders Zorn and Edvard Munch among others collected by banker Ernest Thiel. The gallery has a restaurant, sculpture garden and is closed Mondays.

Thielska Galleriet

Continue biking the southern section of Djurgården, and along Djurgårdsvägen, hug the path near the water as you head toward the next must see stop, Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde. The former home of Prince Eugen and now manor-museum house the prince’s personal art works, an impressive Japanese wood-block collection and hosts temporary exhibits.

Garden at Prins Eugen

The manor has unmatched views of the harbor and contains a sculpture garden with work by Rodin, amongst other beautiful iron works. There is a cafe, fabulous gift shop selling prints & souvenirs, and is also closed Mondays. Leaving Prins Eugens Waldermarsudde, and in case you missed all the other cafes, is cafe Ektorpet. A cozy house in the woods that serves salads, coffee, & waffles in a casual atmosphere.

Get back onto Djurgårdsvägen and pass by the ABBA Museum, unless that your jam, pass the amusement park, unless thats your ride, and come to Vasa Museum. Unique to Stockholm, the Vasa museum revolves around the war ship Vasa, salvaged after it’s sinking in 1628. The museum highlights Sweden’s cultural heritage, maritime history, and is well loved by the 1.5 million visitors each year.

It’s been a long day with all the sights, so next stop at my favorite beer garden, Ölbryggan. Craft beer is served on the terrace with a superb view of the city & passing boats. Open late until 11pm in the summer.

Wrapping up the journey, bike around the last corner and you will arrive back at the bridge and blue gate, Blå porten. Djurgården has much to offer and can keep you busy for several days, my suggestion is choose a few things to see in greater detail and a nice lunch stop. If you have questions ask in a comment below, I will be happy to reply.

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